WordCamp Raleigh – I am WordPress

The slides are already up for my presentation I am WordPress and So Can You (Whizbangy html/js slides. Works right in your browser!).

I had a few followup questions about getting started with particular teams.

To get started with the Theme Review Team, go to the Ticket Request Queue (or find the current month, if you’re coming by this post at some later date) and leave a comment with your WordPress.org user name. Someone will assign a theme to you and make sure that you got through the reviewing process okay.

If you’re interested in UI/UX work, make.wordpress.org/ui is very active — read through the last few months of posts to get a sense of the kind of discussions we have, and then drop in to one of our meetings on Tuesday afternoons (Eastern) in the #wordpress-ui channel in IRC. If you don’t know IRC yet, you can chat through the web at webchat.freenode.net. Since we’re currently in beta for 3.5, most of the current work is cleanup and bug-fixing, but we’re happy to have you come by and we’ll be starting up the next design phase before you know it!

And for the people who asked about getting started in the forums, I really, truly meant it when I said you can just dive in. Start with answering a question — even if you think you’re just one tiny step more advanced than the person who’s asking. It’s a great feeling, and you’ll learn more every time you do it.