The sites

Here,, is where I’m blogging as I learn as a very new contributor to WordPress. It’s also a place for me to ramble about open source and community and nerd stuff and… you know, a personal, messy, multifocused¬†blog, the kind we had before they were marketing goldmines just waiting to be monetized. Also, there are snarky footnotes. 1

There,, is my business site. I make a living as a freelancer solopreneur¬†one-woman dynamo of designer/developer fabulousness 2, and that site gets fewer f-bombs and more of the stuff that seems to be of interest to clients and the design biz. Not that y’all aren’t welcome here, if any of you have read this far, but I don’t assume that everyone shopping for a site is all that interested in why I love sshfs.

Yeah, see?

You can expect liberal cross-posting between the two whenever something feels right for both audiences; splitting the sites is all about audience, not walls. Don’t worry about the right place to say this or that. Say hi.

  1. FD Footnotes Plugin
  2. I swear, some web biz webinar thing told me to talk that way