The tut problem 

Nacin said a thing:!/nacin/status/121265751071010816

And of course he’s absolutely right, but my concern is that the universe — you know, them, the gods of linkbait sites, whatever — is going to read this as a call for more tutorials, not better. Because, seriously, universe, we need way, way less. Just, you know, better.

So I’m proposing that the author and publisher of the next giant awesome roundup of 50 essential shortcodes you can use without a plugin, or awesome admin tweaks without a plugin, or secure your site and guarantee SEO nirvana without a plugin 1 should be sentenced to an hour of actually contributing to the community 2

  1. bonus points if you hide the version number in the header
  2. they can sit right next to the people who don’t capitalize the “P”