The CSS-Tricks License | CSS-Tricks

The CSS-Tricks License is one of the most delightful (and funny, and, yes, thoughtful) open licenses I’ve ever seen.

I don’t give two hoots what you do with any of the design or code you find here.

Actually, I do. I hope you take it and use it, uncredited, on a super commercial website and get wicked rich off it. I hope you use it at work and your boss is impressed and you get a big promotion. I hope it helps you design a website and that website impresses somebody you think is super hot and you get married and have smart, chill babies. I hope you use the code in a blog post you write elsewhere and that website gets way more popular and awesome than this one.

And it goes on from there. Every word is about the spirit of the thing, not just the fine print. Oh, yeah.