I went to WPCS and all I got was this totally awesome t-shirt

Oh, and…

Some much-needed recharge time here:

A few moments of the kind of determined weirdness you only find near the beach:

100 people who are no longer just avatars, twitter feeds, or IRC handles (sadly, a few couldn’t come due to visa trouble, life emergencies, or Hurricane Sandy. You were dearly missed.):

Photo credit: Konstantin Kovshenin. But he’s in it! So I’d also love to give proper credit to the person who really took it.

On top of all that (phew!) it was one of those rare conferences that really reworked my brain. I feel incredibly lucky to have had two of those this year, and just like AdaCamp DC in July, I left this one with a whole new sense of focus and community, mixed with some real, practical new knowledge and action.

There are summaries of the morning and afternoon discussions, with more detailed notes to come. I’ve always felt that the mark of a great conference is that I want to clone myself several times over in order to take in everything that’s going on at once. This one had that, plus overflow into more discussions (and hacking on everything and anything) the next day. Each session produced action items, many of which are already underway. There are new projects underway, making features people have wanted for a very, very long time. And I’m pretty sure the media system got about 3 new versions overnight…