Pulling the plug on Sassy_s

After I type up this post, and before I hit publish, I’m going to shut down my Sass fork of underscores1 — and for the happiest of all possible reasons: _s now includes Sass out of the box. If you’re starting a new theme based on _s and you also want to use Sass (which you definitely should), you can now go to underscores.me and with the power of a single ticky-box2, you can customize your own starter package to include the Sass files.

When I started Sassy_s, it was the only Sass + _s project I could find. Within a few weeks, I heard of 3 or 4 others starting up, all of which took slightly different approaches to workflows, add-on libraries, degrees of automation, and so on. The Underscores team has taken a great deal of care to adopt the best parts of all of those early projects and others that came since, and to handle — probably more kindly than I could — a number of suggestions that just don’t fit with the model that they decided on. Congrats to you all. I can’t wait to start building stuff on this version.

And with that, goodbye, Sassy_s. It was fun. I learned a lot from you, never kept you updated as often as I should have, and definitely put you on my resume anyway. Along the way, I hear you also gave some other people a handy place to start their projects.

  2. It’s in the Advanced Options

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    • And thank you so much for picking it up and running with it in such a great way! I’m really looking forward to building on an official Sass version!

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