Plugin: Blogify Posts Menu

I hate “Posts”. Oh, I don’t mean that I hate posts, and in fact I’m kind of in love with making more of them now that I’m finally getting back in the habit.

No, I mean I hate the thing in the WordPress menu that says “Posts”, because when I’m looking at the menu for what to click, I’m thinking, “I want the blog”. And because I’ve seen about a bajillion new users get really, painfully stuck on Posts and Pages and What’s the difference, and How do I know which one to use, and even after explaining, still just want to know, “but how do I post to my blog?”

When it happens that consistently, it isn’t a problem with the users. They’re simply telling us that we need a better label.

This plugin changes the label. No muss, no fuss, no configuration needed. Scratch your own itch, or add it to your standard bag of tricks when building sites for other people. Grab the plugin and more details at the WordPress repository orĀ on the plugin page.

2 thoughts on “Plugin: Blogify Posts Menu

    • Thanks! It’ll be up there as soon as I get an svn issue sorted out.

      (edit: and there we go. Serves me right for tagging while undercaffeinated.)

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