Dev environment

Mac, aka where the nice monitors live:

  • late 2009 Mac Mini w/ OS X 10.6
  • MAMP
  • TextWrangler
  • running WordPress trunk 1


  • currently borrowing the spouse’s laptop until I have time to kick the hard drive on mine
  • Ubuntu Lucid (latest LTS)
  • Apache2, PHP5, MySQL5 on localhost
  • Gedit 2
  • RabbitVCS 3
  • running WordPress trunk

Random details:

  • Dropbox for file sharing between machines.
  • Evernote for snippets etc where I want quick access and searchability
  • IRC/twitter/skype/comfy chair/coffee 4


  1. that’s kind of the point of this whole bit of I’ll Show You Mine If, right?
  2. Shut up, vim boys
  3. Anyone know of something similar for the Mac? It’s brilliant.
  4. the real essentials

A good excuse!/sabreuse/status/119094645652324352

This seems like as good an excuse as any to get this site rolling.