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Amy Hendrix

So... who am I?

  • WordPress User
  • Developer
  • Theme Reviewer
  • Core Contributor
  • Community Outreach

But enough about me.

Who are you?

blogger · tech writer · graphic designer · teacher · UI engineer · translator · sysadmin · programmer · accessibility pro · event organizer · support genius · software tester · marketer · entrepreneur · volunteer 

Community Member

But I'm not a developer!

You can contribute, whatever your skills.
Check it out: make.wordpress.org


  • What they do: Make the WordPress Admin Interface
  • Skills: Front-End Devs, Graphic Designers, UI & UX designers, Usability testers


  • What they do: Advocate for accessibility in both core and themes.
  • Skills: Accessibility pros, users of adaptive technologies.

Theme Review

  • What they do: Review themes for the Theme Directory, set standards & best practices
  • Skills: Theme Developers, Theme Designers, Testers

Support & Docs

  • What they do: Manage the support forums. Write the Codex and Handbooks
  • Skills: Anyone who knows WP!


  • What They Do: Translate WordPress (and plugins and themes
  • Skills: Fluency in other languages. Bonus points for less common languages!

But I'm not that good...

Start with fixing a typo.

Even an easy problem is something the other person didn't know.

Small contributions are even better than big ones.

How to Level Up

  1. Use WordPress. A lot.
  2. Learn. Ask good questions, learn to research problems.
  3. Share your knowledge. Blog. Go to meetups.
  4. Make stuff. (And release it.)
  5. Get feedback.

Level Up: Support

Ask a question

Level Up: Support

Answer a question

Level Up: Support

Research a better answer

Level Up: Support

Edit the Codex or the Handbooks

Level Up: Plugins

Find a cool snippet to improve your site

Level Up: Plugins

Learn to make a plugin instead

Level Up: Plugins

Figure out a better way to code it & Release!

Level Up: Themes

Build great client sites.

Level Up: Themes

Build for more than just your client: Internationalize, test, and build for accessibility.

Level Up: Themes

Pass Theme Review & Release!


Improve your WP skills. 

Improve your Design & Dev skills.

Build your business.


Share what you do.

Allow the next person to build even greater things.

Help other people




Thank You.

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Amy Hendrix